Global Academy For Learning,

Next Gen School is one of the

Best CBSE school

in Rajarajeshwari nagar, Bengaluru

10 Years of dedicated

Excellence in Education

50+ Years of dedicated

experienced faculty

Global Academy For Learning, the Next Gen School, is one amongst the most sought after schools in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Established under the aegis of Smt. Chennamma Chowdappa Trust, in the year 2014, the school has grown exponentially both in numbers and name in the last nine years.

Awards & Accolades


K -12 Awards 2022 for Excellence in Interactive Learning Programs

International Dimension in Schools 2022-25

for Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum


The 6 in 1 Advantage



Skills for the

21st Century









An educational experience designed to benefit your child in every way

Well- Rounded Curriculum

Includes sports, arts, social work for holistic development.

Environment Of Total Safety

Comprehensive home to classroom safety with improvement programs.

Structured Counselling Support

With timely assessment and intervention to ensure no child gets left behind.

Outcome-Based Approach To Education

Guiding principles that ensure children get the most from the school.

Highly Trained Staff And Teachers

25 days mandatory training per year for all staff, along with continuous learning programs.

The Ideal Learning Environment

Award winning school building with top-notch facilities.

Culture Of Openness And Joy

Caring, approachable teachers who encourage children to express themselves.

School-Parent Partnership

Helps reinforce learning and holistically solve any problems your child encounters.

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Foundational Years

(Nursey to Grade 2)

At GAFL strong foundations are laid in the early years in order to leave a lasting impact on children’s development. At a phase when children absorb everything from the environment… 

Preparatory Years

(Grade 3 - 5)

At this stage, emphasis is laid on not just learning of facts but more on how to think. Children are exposed to a diverse range of curricular as well as extracurricular activities…

Middle & High School

(Grade 6 to 10)

In the final phase of development, the curriculum is carefully balanced between the increasing academic content and co-curricular activities to ensure a rounded education…

News and Events

National holidays, academic events, and festivities in schools provide an opportunity for students to revel in the richness of tradition and celebration.


What Parents Say About Us

Students’ ability to learn is dependent on their individual capacity to comprehend. As parents have a greater understanding of their children, it’s crucial to listen to their feedback on their child’s progress at GAFL.

A school with dedicated faculty and innovative teaching strategies. We are really proud that our daughter MEGHANA is part of GAFL.

Parents of Meghana Navani

Grade VIII

The school is doing great, with good teachers, right all round efforts and tries to really provide all round development for its wards. We would like to wish them all the very best for the future.

Parents of Adithyakashyap

Grade II

As parents, we feel very proud and happy with our child progress in GAFL School. The Teachers, Principal, and Staff encourage children in their studies…

Parents of Shivali

Nursery Bumble Bees

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