Value Added Activities

Building Dimensions

Visual & Auditory Learning

Learning through technology

Technology plays a vital role at GAFL, not only as a tool for teaching, but also to get children accustomed to the skills that play such a vital role in everyday life.

Most classrooms have an LCD projector and interactive boards that let teachers use digital content in their lessons. A state-of-the-art computer lab helps children learn more about computing, while an entirely Wi-Fi-enabled school allows older children to access specific sites and content.

Parents also benefit from a comprehensive website and web portal that lets them monitor their child’s attendance, get important notices and regular academic updates. The school App lets parents track their child’s school bus along with pick up and drop details for each child.

Inclusion and counselling program

Many children face issues that include hyperactivity and distractibility, and emotional and behavioral problems that can affect their performance at school. Our inclusion and counseling programs work at 3 levels to ensure that no child is left behind, allowing each child to feel accepted, valued and confident.

GAFL, has two highly skilled teams that assess and intervene with students with concerns: the SPMT ( School Progress Management Team) works with students that are behind in early literacy skills, while the SEN (Special Needs Department) is responsible for helping at-risk students with academic and Interpersonal mentoring, making decisions regarding students assessments, and providing sensitive and coordinated response to students personally impacted by behaviors.

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