Co-Curricular Activities


We believe in fuelling learning by stimulating creative thought, improving social and organizational skills, developing interests and talents by offering a plethora of activities.

Music & Movement

This programme is integral to the Foundational Years programme. The key to the programme is engaging students in music to promote physical development and building an awareness to their bodily movements leading to a stronger sense of co-ordination and independence. Phonological awareness is enhanced through alphabet songs and other rhymes.

Leadership Programme

Every Gaflite is empowered to succeed as early as the UKG level. This road to success is paved by engaging students in a unique leadership programme and by providing opportunities to assume responsibilities and showcasing leadership skills. Students, at the end of the programme, have been found to exhibit clarity of vision and thought, have become communicators and responsible for themselves on the whole.

Reading Programme

At GAFL, we strive towards creating confident individuals by building a strong reading culture right from the Foundational Years. Our aim is to kindle the child’s imagination by familiarizing them with different genres of booksand expand the understanding of the world around them. GAFL boasts of a well-equipped library housing a variety of books to sustain reading interests in students. Students are motivated to take reading with comfort, control and confidence.

Value Education

We aim to train our students develop moral and ethical values to enable them face the real world with right attitude. Along with textual lessons, students are motivated to connect with the society and participate in welfare projects. The projects guide students to take stock of actual life situations and engage actively investing time and resources and contribute in their own way for the betterment of the lesser privileged.

Life Skills

Students at GAFL are equipped with necessary life skills to meet the challenges of everyday life in a fast paced world and a constantly changing environment. Life skills are taught through the medium of cinema, which help students develop their ability to think, simulate imagination, relate to characters and use their creativity to solve problems.

Sports Education

Apart from core subjects, equal emphasis is laid on health and physical well being of students. We offer our students structured physical education curriculum in association with Zoommer sports. Students in the Foundational Years have a fun start to sports with a wide array of activities using scientifically designed equipment and teaching tools to develop movement skills. Physical literacy is later developed by continuously working on Fundamental Movement Skills, which when linked together create movements that depict specific sports.

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