About GAFL

Global Academy For Learning, the Next Gen School, is one amongst the most sought after schools in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Established under the aegis of Smt. Chennamma Chowdappa Trust, in the year 2014, the school has grown exponentially both in numbers and name in the last nine years.

we strive to provide students with an enriching and valuable education of global standards. Our priority is to deliver innovative and fearless teaching methodologies to promote a well-rounded and balanced growth of our students. We are committed to empowering our students to become true leaders and powerful global citizens, capable of facing any challenge that life throws their way.

At GAFL School, we provide an educative environment with inspiring teachers who encourage students to imagine and dream possibilities, while also offering evaluative guidance and loving care. Our approach focuses on instilling a correct attitude towards knowledge and developing courage and integrity as milestones for success.
Our curriculum is designed to support our innovative teaching methodologies with a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. We also provide constant monitoring, supervision, and in-school training programs for both our teachers and students, ensuring that our commitment to “Excellence in Academics” is upheld.

At GAFL School, we believe in imparting education with a deep and visible commitment to excellence, incorporating a large number of innovations to develop a sense of values and ethics in our children. Our goal is to promote a system that facilitates the multifaceted flowering of our student’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual personalities.
We strive to provide an education that goes beyond the parameters of formal schooling, preparing our pupils to face life’s realities and take their rightful place in the world. Come join us at GAFL School and let us help your child grow and blossom at their own pace.

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