The GAFL curriculum extends far beyond books and boundaries to nurture the child’s interests. The curriculum has been designed online with NEP 2020 to produce enthusiastic participators, effective problem solvers, creative learners and effective team workers. It aims to lay the foundation for the child’s education, encourages them to develop their interests, assess opportunities and fuel their curiosity with an invigorating education system.

Foundational Years

(Nursey to Grade 2)

At GAFL strong foundations are laid in the early years in order to leave a lasting impact on children’s development. At a phase when children absorb everything from the environment… 

Preparatory Years

(Grade 3 - 5)

At this stage, emphasis is laid on not just learning of facts but more on how to think. Children are exposed to a diverse range of curricular as well as extracurricular activities…

Middle & High School

(Grade 6 to 10)

In the final phase of development, the curriculum is carefully balanced between the increasing academic content and co-curricular activities to ensure a rounded education…

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